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Ward off competitive threats and reduce the timeframe to address customer demands, because these are forever fast-changing.
Staying ahead requires business agility and we can help you achieve it.
We believe that security is the keystone for a sustainable digital business

Secure your organization

Threat landscape is evolving at an exponential rate, therefore an early assesment and mitigation of its associated risks represents a solid basis for your business activity and reputation.

We can help you identify new business models

Think ahead. Stay ahead

Blockchain technology has created a great opportunity for new revenue streams and for reducing costs in existing business models.

We help investors to better evaluate deep tech startups

Fast emerging technology and market amplifies the complexity of disruptive ideas, making it difficult to understand.
Our goal is to bridge the gap between deep tech startups and investors.
Our services

Strengthen IT security

More often than not, organizations use legacy digital systems that were developed without having a security by design approach. These systems are highly prone to cyber attacks and may cause prejudicial operational impact. Therefore, security assessment is a must for business continuity.

Data protection and privacy

Besides GDPR, there is the ePrivacy Regulation which has a broader focus on the confidentiality of communications which may also contain non-personal data. In order to safeguard the security and integrity of networks and services, the use of end-to-end encryption should be used in accordance with the principles of security and privacy by design.

HSM Integration and programming

Some projects require using a cryptographic device or even that application code is run within the protected environment of a tamper-resistant Hardware Security Module. We can assist customers in developing custom functionality for HSM to bring down costs, whilst ensuring the highest level of security.

Review business models

Some of the current business models can take advantage of blockchain or unsupervised machine learning in order to significantly reduce costs, increase trust and transparency.

Secure wallet management

Cryptographic Key Management is a fundamental part of cryptographic technology and is considered one of the most difficult aspects associated with its use. We can help you design a secure enterprise wallet mangement system.

Smart contract audit

A new trust model has emerged and organizations require a third party audit for their decentralized applications. Likewise, security guidelines are highly recommended when designing a new decentralized project.

Our approach


Bridging the gap

  • We can help investors to better understand the complexity of deep tech startups and the risks associated with the technology they use.

  • We can also help startups in finding the right technology tools to overcome process bottlenecks due to security and regulatory reasons.